I like to photograph people on the street, Terrible was no exception. In the city I saw a different Chechens: stylish and simple, smiling and sad, military and police, girls in hijabs and stylishly dressed.

2. Looking at this picture and tell, it is Terrible. it seems, that some ordinary Russian city.

3. Women clean the streets here in this dress, which completely covers the face and even the hood there.


4. The guards.

5. Few, who wears the hijab, most women cover her head with a handkerchief. The larger the body of a woman covered with clothing, the more it is religious.

6. Scarf tie up all of the different.

7. Policeman.

8. Military go to the cafe snack.


10. Very often women wear long skirts to the ankle.

11. Many men wear black hats.

12. Girls like to wear a variety of sneakers with skirts.

13. These guys were asked to take a picture how they work ))


15. This guy knows a lot— Zaur is groznyboy, Learn ambassador in Grozny. Interestingly I talked about the Chechens, culture, way of life. In general, any question he always has an answer.

16. These girls just did selfie for instagrama.

17. Black hijab nobody wears, usually dark tones of different colors.

18. Chechen women like to wear long denim skirt. Very often there are girls in a dress.

19. If I am not mistaken— a well-known Chechen actor.

20. Employees Theatre and Concert Hall.



23. police.

24. The stylish guy on background fashionable hairdresser Chop-Chop.


26. Not everyone likes to be photographed, someone covered the face with his hand.

27. Pregnant in Grozny lot. I believe, that a large number of pregnant women— a sign of prosperity in the region. Кстати, Pregnant eating strawberry.


29. Patriotic club.

30. Cyclists are also there.


32. Many women with children in strollers.


34. Policeman.


36. The guys here are very curious, your neck, when they look in your direction. Often wink, whistling and smiling. Спасибо, that the hands are missing.

37. We met a lot of men— they go to prayers.

38. Chechens often wear beards.


40. These guys helped to make our trip better and more interesting. Left— Zelimxan, Technical Director «Beeline», it is interesting to tell about Chechnya and its attractions. Case— Bilal, Commercial Director, he told us clearly showcased the, that not all Chechens are able to shoot. in the center— Zelimxan, technical management specialist, few words as a true IT-Schnick.


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