Chechen pictures


So far, neither of which is not gathered in a meaningful post, publish bit images from the second day of a visit.
The second day was marked by mountains, towers, gorges, unusual mosque, sports facility, Tyre and local cuisine.
Looks like, that on this day we have collected almost all that can be assembled together in Chechnya. 🙂

In my opinion the tower and the mountain is very steep that there is after people.
From one combat towers certainly seen 2. So it was before, but in many places it remained. Martial tower is not built for beauty, but now without them it is difficult to imagine the local landscape.



4.Unusual graves in the cemetery.

5. Mountain spring until just wake up, but in some places already blooming fruit trees.

6. At home, built directly over the cliffs and in spite of this gasified. Civilization has reached and in the most remote corners of the republic.

7. Mosque over the gorge.

8. Gorge in spring overflowing river Argun.

9. Snowy mountains.

10. Replaced by a blooming tree city.

11. Symbols of the republic.

12. Мечеть «Сердце Матери» Argun.

13. And to return to «peace center». 🙂

14. As a sports facility get Akhmat-Arena at dusk.

15. And with the onset of darkness are moving in shooting.

Photos of the restaurant I do not have, but I promise, that they will be, as well as many others.

Thanks Beeline for the opportunity to visit such places and make sure, that the cellular communication and mobile Internet from Beeline very worthy work not only in the cities, but also in the mountains of the republic.


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