In the wake of the Volgograd bloggers during a trip to Chechnya (#Photo)

It happens, when you are waiting for a trip to any city, which has not yet been, getting ready, adjust, imagine what you bring beautiful pictures from the trip, and then it turns, that the, I saw not impressive, and the so-so photos. Но, this time with a trip to Chechnya went just the opposite. as it happened, that I want to come back again and again and again to make a lot of shots. After all, see and be seen then that there is a.
Offer to go to Chechnya within blogtura, organized by MegaFon I accepted without hesitation a minute. And now I want to share what they saw small photo. Under the cut a few photos.

Fun and noisy company arrived in Grozny late. Не смотря на то, that the road was long, stay at hostel, immediately went for a walk through the city. Сразу скажу, Grozny impressed.

1. Not right away, and you will understand, where is it. So it happened with us. First impressions of the people: Дубаи, Los Angeles. In fact, it Grozny City.

2. Beautiful reflection of buildings

3. Akhmat Kadyrov Mosque «Сердце Чечни» — одна из самых больших, beautiful and majestic mosques in Europe.

4. Before entering the mosque itself. Despite the late hour (time can be seen on the roof of a building Hours) people still walk. Since near the mosque a beautiful park.

5. Domes and minarets in beautiful illumination. At night it looks especially well.

6. Russian Islamic University in Grozny.

8. University is reflected beautifully in the waters of the Sunzha.

9. park, connecting universtitet and Mosque.

10. Few central avenue Terrible 😉 specifically shows a slightly, so as not to tempt you, friends, because temptation is a sin ). Immediately tell, it is one of the most beautiful avenues, that I have ever seen.

11. In the city a lot of cafes and restaurants. As the saying goes, for every taste and color.

12. Acquaintance with the city ended the night is such a photo. This is the most fun and friendly company which spent three wonderful days. Then tired, but happy return to hostel, since the morning of the upcoming trip to the mountains.

13. Waking up early in the morning, moved to the Argun Gorge. The road passes through picturesque mountain area.

14. We got to the most visited places few tourists. Although here comes a lot of people from the local population. Twin Towers nada river Argun is a place of historically. Once, very long time, This place is an outpost in the mountains of Chechnya. Today Ushkaloyskie twin towers are the hallmark of Chechnya.

15. The majestic cliffs in the gorge Argnuskom.

16. Argun River incorporates many mountain streams.

17. The river originates from the glaciers of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.

18. In very hot weather here can escape at the bottom of the gorge, as we did.

19. Such are the beautiful canyons found on the way to the waterfalls Niholaevskim.

20. The lower part of the waterfalls.

21. Group photo of our team.

The road back was given to me is not easy. Heat, and a steep climb to the car exhausted all. But this does not affect the regular evening walk around Grozny. When they reached the city, we again went for a walk with pleasure. And of course photograph and be photographed.
22. Though the day was tough and saturated, The picture shows such a great weariness ) And the next morning was equally wonderful trip. Again mountains.

23. This time we decided to give up on the lake Kezenoi Am, located in the Vedeno district of Chechnya on the border with Dagestan. All the way we were accompanied by beautiful mountains.

24. Watchtower on the border with Dagestan.

25. After a three-hour trip, we opened such a beautiful view of the lake.

26. Lake Kezenoi Am largest alpine and deepest lake in the North Caucasus. The lake is located on the southern slopes of the Andean mountain range, at a height of 1850m above sea level. By area, it is even larger lake Rizza.


28. Surrounding the lake beautiful mountain meadows.

29. Here a great climate, and not hot. And the beauty of this, that I want to return again and again.

30. And at the end of travel to this beautiful lake I was not able to pass such a picture.

This is now finished. There is another interesting continuation )). Very soon.

P.S. I would like to express many thanks stukalov_sergey and Ekaterine Emelyanovoy (Megaphone) for the invitation to this beautiful blogtur. And of course all the other great guys, in which the company had a very fine and veslelo time and that the next post will be dedicated to 😉


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