Assalamu Alleyxwm !!! Здравствуйте !!! My name is Natalya. I am from Moscow !!! His next holiday I had planned to spend in their homeland— in Grozny and elsewhere in Chechnya .I was born in this land ,home to me in spirit and perception of the surrounding world !!! Да ,да ,exactly— home leave !!! I began to look at the vastness of the internet tourism organizations ,carrying out a trip to Chechnya. A lot of sites reviewed ,but for some reason all the time back to the page ANTTURA ! And it is not wrong ! With such wonderful people I met ,my guides— rosette ,Havushkoy and Larinushkoy !!! Thanks to you ,my wonderful sun ,I also met with the director of the Argun reserve— Djabrailovym Minister -Eminom . When I arrived there ,I had a feeling ,that's what I lacked— this all-pervading power , heady feeling of happiness of being in this wonderful cradle of my birth ,childhood ,youth !!! As if I re-acquainted with their bright sheets of childhood and adolescence !!! The first thing I asked for a tour of the city !!! It turned out as a journey through time— the city before and after the war— such ,he is now !!! My eyes covered every centimeter ,I could feel every vibration of air , I listened to every sound around and to every word of my accompanying Sorceresses !!! Having been on the observation deck on one of the skyscrapers in the center of Grozny . See Grozny skyscraper— is something, indescribability sostoyanie !!! Just get in front of the sunset— standing somewhere far away high ,a game late afternoon sunlight ,shadow . Photos are simply magical !!! I visited in the district of Itum -Kalinskom ,Choi saw crypts Pede ancient remains . This is one of the largest ancient burial sites in the Caucasus . There is one more— Vaserkel . Но ,к сожалению ,hiking there are not yet available .On some distance from there begins the border of Georgia . There is also the highest mountain in Chechnya— Tebulosomta . Congress in Sharoysky District in the gorgeous village . In this village lives only one people of Japan Mirzaev ,This is the name he was given in memory of the father of another . When we are riding in the gorgeous , on the road showed me rock , on the surface were visible sticking fossils— ammonites , up to 3-4 meters in diameter and fossilized dinosaur eggs . This fact is disputed by some scholars ,but I saw it with my own eyes . I was shocked so ,that behaved like a child . Some specimens can be considered only in extreme close-lens camera— far away location of the rock ,just so you will not reach . Also left a lasting impression familiarity with Ushkaloyskimi beauties— these are two huge high tower ,the rear wall which is a rock . It was terrible in that place to stand on the hanging bridges ,where the bottom under you growl powerful Argun (River). An impressive trip was to get acquainted with Kezenoi Amom— lake ,blue pearl of the Caucasus ! It can not just come ,You can stay for a few days . Strong energy of the place ! Beautiful ,magical place ! On the shore of the lake in some places you can find small fossils— crustaceans and molluscs ,ammonites. But I have to pre-sweat on the case— rabivat necessary pieces of rock ,inside they are ! I recommend everyone to visit the museum under the sky Dondi— Yurt in Urus city— Мартан ! It was founded by Adam Satuev in his yard . It was visited by many famous personalities (Foreigners ,the president of Chechnya). There come to school groups of all ages ,many local guests . noble place . Human Satwev (or Don) self guided tours. It is interesting to combine ancient topics,past and present !!! Fossils ,rocks with petroglyphs ,ancient cannon ,housing Chechens in the past ,attributes of life ,general ,kind— time travel !!! Very impressive !!! Thus the climax of my trip was acquaintance with Nashkhoi !!! It is considered the ancestral home of the Chechens . I was very lucky to go there ! Not everyone succeeds!!!!!!!!! This refers to the area Galanchozh . It is very hard to reach places ,challenging road . But who is behind what goes ,such a route, and choose !!! I would like to note the following fact ,that these places are rich in history— We are changed each other epochs and religion . People practiced in ancient paganism ,Christianity , and I caught on Islam . Поэтому ,come to these places ,plunge with antiquity ,Past and present dissolved in !!! Remember ,that the Caucasus has inspired creative people ,poets and writers— our Mikhail Lermontov !!! Maybe for this reason, I, too, mysterious inspired by the beauty and majesty of this land ,I, too, had created several poetry ,one of them you ,dear travelers , I give. These are my feelings ,a conversation with my wonderful soul : As a bright mark ,left the star through the ages , The birth of my Soul Almighty determined— в том месте ,where he met with the mountain river , Where Wind on the Moon and the Sun breathes . Там ,where the soul is absorbed sunrise , A rolling echo among mountains , Where clouds curly dance, As the trail attracts the eye ...

Mosque "Heart of Chechnya


exploring caves

We do not cave in under the changeable world ,and the world will sag under us !

two beauties— I Ushkaloyskaya Tower !!!

On the lookout skyscrapers in Grozny.

Beauty with a bird's-eye view !!!

In a small palm can fit the whole world and time ,the main thing ,this palm will belong to a man with a light heart ...

Nashkh . Kamennaya Stella. And I , walking in the footsteps of Mikhail Lermontov !

In the world of Dondo grandfather

In the ethnographic village of yurts Shira

Gorskaya soul!!!

lovely Shara!

Dinosaur eggs or to believe in miracles

The village is gorgeous

City of dead

My expedition to Nashkh

Stone army in Nashkh

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