Weekend stay

Tired of the hard working days, and want to gain positive energy? Then go to weekend tours with us!
We picked saturated interesting excursions for you, after which you will return to work with bright impressions and positive mood!
С «Ant-Tur» you can spend a relaxing weekend with family and friends, explore new and unknown, feel the full flavor of our republic.
Relax with us!

1 Day
Обзорная экскурсия по городу Грозный:
- Mosque "Heart of the Mother" (g. Arghun);
- Church of the Archangel Michael;
- Lookout helipad business - center "Grozny City" (33 floor);
- Mosque "Heart of Chechnya";
- Lunch in the "Coliseum" restaurant;
- Monument to the MVD and the memorial to the victims of deportation;
- Ahmat Arena Stadium;
- Memorial Complex Walk of Fame, Museum named after Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov
or the National Museum (на выбор);
- Palace "Safia" celebrations.


2 Day
Tour of the ancient ancestral home of Chechens «Nashkh» :
- Exit area Galanchozh ;
- Stop at the "Stone troops" (This place is known for a variety of human-like figure rocky ledges);
- Stop at the ancient village Nashkh;
- Old village Motsar;
- Stop at oz.Galanchozh. The lake is located in the upper reaches of the small river at the height of Geghi 1533 m above sea level;
- picnic;
- Return to the city.

3 Day
— Tour on the lake Kezenoi Am («Chechnya Pearl»)
— Departure for a tour of the lake Kezenoi Am (distance from the town 110 км)
— The road from Grozny to the lake takes 1,5-2 hours on the newly laid track.
— On the way stop in the village near the monument Kharachoy Zelemhana Harachoevkogo and spring "Maiden Spit".
— Next - an exciting road along the gorge along the bed of the river Khulkhulau, Pass through the Andean mountain range.
— Arrival and vacation on the azure lake Kezenoi Am.
— Organization Picnic.
— Excursion to s.Hoy - "The village guards".
— Return to the city.

Цена: от 16 000 RUB.
The price includes:
accommodation (hotels 3-4 *)
museum tickets;
horse ride.

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