Tour «Dzheyraskoe gorge»


Mountainous area of ​​Ingushetia is rich in unique monuments of nature: Targimskaya valley, Gorges Armkhi and Assa rivers, which focused a lot of cultural and historical monuments, such as temples Albi-Yerdy, Txaba Erdı, castle complex Vovnushki, architectural complexes Hamhi, Targim, Egikal etc.. Jeirakh valley is a major center of the Ingush Culture. Dzheirakh The village is located on both sides of the road, and above it - a rocky mountain slopes Mat-scrap and slender high tower with scaly tip, soaring.

Jeirakh-Assinsky state historical-architectural museum-reserve includes dozens of towers, set of crypts and sanctuaries. Это более 100 unique architectural complexes (от 10 до 60 sites in each) different degree of safety.

Ingush tower is unique in its architecture. Most often, they were built on the tops of rocks. This is due to the fact, that the towers were used not only as a defensive or residential buildings, but also as a signal tower. Even the choice of location for the construction of the tower was determined on the basis of considerations of economy of fertile land. There was a custom - place, under the selected tower, watered milk. If the milk is not seeped into the ground, then such land was considered good.

Tour program:

1. Check in Jeirakh Gorge (Ingushetia) — distance from Grozny 154 км.

2. On the road trip at the memorial complex to victims of repression in Ingushetia (with a guide of the museum).

3. Stop at Tower consent (Magas Tower).

4. Stop in the town of Vladikavkaz.

5. Dinner (national cuisine of North Ossetia).

6. Tour with a local guide in the Gorge Dzheirakhsky.

Tour includes:

— Stop at Tsey-Loamskom Pass, at an altitude of 2200m above sea level, offering beautiful views of the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range and valley Jeirakh.

— Stop at the observation platform in Egikale ( Egikal one of the most ancient tower complex built in the mountain Ingushetia and was the cultural center of the mountain Ingushetia).

— Visiting the temple Thaba- Erdı (Txaʙa— Yerdy is one of the oldest and most active Orthodox churches in Russia).

— Stop at the castle complex Vovnushki (Vovnushki late medieval complex is a unique monument of architecture of the Ingush people. Located on the high ridges of slate rocks and consists of two separate castles.

7. Return to Grozny.

Cost of the tour 15000 RUB.

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