Tour «Галанчож— ancient homeland Chechens»



We offer you an amazing route!

Tour «Галанчож— ancient homeland Chechens» takes you into the distant past!

The majestic mountains and beautiful monuments of nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

Galanchozh area is one of the oldest historical districts of the Chechen, where according to legend came indigenous tapes, later formed the single Chechen people.

On the territory of the district are Galanchozh monuments of the early and late Middle Ages, of historical and spiritual value for the Chechen people, - This ancient martial and residential towers, locks, crypts and highly revered by the people and the mountain lake Galanchozh Erdi court.

Tour program:

— exit Galanchozh area— distance from Grozny 140 км;

— stop at the «stone troops» (This place is known for a variety of human-like figure rocky ledges, called in "B1onah Hill t1o" people— army turned into stones. По легенде, chased by enemy troops girl uttered a spell, turn all the soldiers in the boulders);

— stop at the ancient village Nashkh;

— ancient village Motsar;

— Stop at oz.Galanchozh. The lake is located in the upper reaches of the small river at the height of Geghi 1533 m above the morya.Turistov here involves not only the lake, and beautiful neighborhood: next to the pond is poplar grove, which it decided to look for very rare birches. Кроме того, Galanchozha in the vicinity there are several ancient watchtowers. The lake has a history. Since ancient times it was considered sacred.

Cost of the tour 11 500 RUB.











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