Tour of the "Seven Wonders of the Caucasus" (7 дней | 6 nights)

Tour Operator «Ant-Tur» together with «Caucasus tour» It offers you a unique program «7 wonders of the Caucasus»!Experienced guides of the North Caucasus, professional skills training, excellent service— all waiting for you throughout the entire route!

We give you the wonderful opportunity to visit the sights, who, after many surveys included in the 7-ku best!

majestic mountains, ancient monuments, historically significant places, the largest natural monuments, beautiful waterfalls, the best museums in the Caucasus, delicious food, national colors of all regions, and much more awaits you in the program «7 wonders of the Caucasus»!

Do not miss the opportunity to see all the marvels with us!

Your holiday— it is our concern!


1 Day. Tour «Chechnya»

— Transfer from the airport, Bus, w / w station

— hotel accommodation

— sightseeing tour of the city of Grozny, which includes one of the seven wonders of the North Caucasus— мечеть «Сердце Чечни».

The tour includes such objects as:

  • Highrise Complex «Грозный Сити» with a visit to the business center of the observation helicopter pad on 33 floor
  • Church of St. Michael the Archangel
  • Monument to staff MIA and the memorial to the victims of deportation
  • Мечеть «Сердце Чечни»
  • Стадион «Ахмат-Арена»
  • Memorial Complex «Аллея Славы» and the museum named after Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov
  • National Museum of the Czech Republic
  • National Library, theater and concert hall of the Czech Republic
  • Мечеть «Сердце матери»


2 Day. Tour «Эльбрус»

— Breakfast at hotel

— departure from Grozny (в 6:30) in s.Chegem, Kabardino-Balkar Republic— distance from Grozny 324 км

— on the way stop at the memorial complex to victims of repression in Ingushetia

- stop at the Tower of consent (Magas Tower)

— Stop in Kabardino-Balkaria, overview «Chegem waterfalls»

— stop s.Terskol

— hotel accommodation



3 Day. Tour «Jeirakh gorge»

— Breakfast at hotel

— выезд (в 9:00) in Dzheyrakhsky District, The Republic of Ingushetia— distance from s.Chegem 204 км

— tour of the gorge Jeirakh

Tour includes:

1. stop at Tsey-Loamskom Pass, at an altitude of 2200m above sea level, offering beautiful views of the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range and valley Jeirakh.

2. stop at the observation deck in Egikale ( Egikal one of the most ancient tower complex built in the mountain Ingushetia and was the cultural center of the mountain Ingushetia).

3. visiting the temple Thaba- Erdı (Txaʙa— Yerdy is one of the oldest and most active Orthodox churches in Russia).

4. stop at the castle complex Vovnushki (pozdnesrelnevekovy Vovnushki complex is a unique monument of architecture of the Ingush people. Located on the high ridges of slate rocks and consists of two separate castles.

— return to Grozny

— hotel accommodation


4 Day. Tour «Barkhan Sarykum» и «Naryn-Kala Fortress»

— Breakfast at hotel

— leaving in Derbent, The Republic of Dagestan— distance from Grozny 287 км

— Sarykum stop at a sand dune

— Arrival in Derbent

— excursion to the fortress Naryn-Kala

Tour includes:

  • Naryn-Kala Fortress
  • A walk through the old town with a visit to the Juma Mosque and Maiden Bath
  • Museum of the History of Religions
  • House of Peter the Great
  • Mogïlw visit Askhabov (optional)

— hotel accommodation.

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5 Day. Tour «Кезеной-Ам»

— Breakfast at hotel;
— выезд (в 9:00) on oz.Kezenoy Am, Vedeno district— distance from Derbent 286 km.ekskursiya includes:
On the way stop in the village near the monument Kharachoy Zelemhana Harachoevkogo and spring «Maiden Spit»; далее— exciting road along the gorge along the bed of the river Khulkhulau, Pass through the Andean mountain range
— Arrival and vacation on the azure lake Kezenoi Am
— possible fishing organization, kebabs, kayaking and quad biking for an additional fee on the spot
— travel to Grozny
-hotel accommodation


6 Day. Tour «Галанчож»

— Breakfast at hotel;
- Exit area Galanchozh (в 9:00) - Distance from Grozny 140 км;
- Stop at the "Stone troops" (This place is known for a variety of human-like figure rocky ledges, called in "B1onah Hill t1o" people - the army turned into stones. По легенде, chased by enemy troops girl uttered a spell, turn all the soldiers in the boulders);
- Stop at the ancient village Nashkh;
- Old village Motsar;
- Stop at oz.Galanchozh. The lake is located in the upper reaches of the small river at the height of Geghi 1533 m above the morya.Turistov here involves not only the lake, and beautiful neighborhood: next to the pond is poplar grove, which it decided to look for very rare birches. Кроме того, Galanchozha in the vicinity there are several ancient watchtowers. The lake has a history. Since ancient times it was considered sacred.

— return to Grozny.

IMG_4330 (1)


7 Day. Tour «Nikaroy»
— Breakfast at hotel;
— выезд (в 9:00) in Itum-Kale district, Nikaroy— distance from Grozny 120 км;
— stop at the ancestral towers teip Thurloe;
— stop at the mosque Motsaroevskoy;
— stop at the ancient castle complex Nicaro;
Located between the two arms of the river Nikaroyn-Erk (bass. r.Argun). maybe, the name of the place name goes back to the Georgian nik1ora - "white-fronted"; Nigora - krasaviцa ' (Taj.). Nicaro is a powerful strengthening, inaccessible to the enemy. Many here have been fighting and residential towers; He settled on a huge rock.
— horse ride;

— return to Grozny.


cost of: от 55 000 RUB.

The price includes:

  • guide-driver;
  • accommodation (guest houses, hotels 4*);
  • завтраки + 3 picnic.

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