Tour «Golden Chechen trail»

Дорогие друзья!!!
We would like to introduce you to the tour program «Golden Chechen trail», which includes the most interesting routes of the republic!
Want to see the greatness of the giant mountains, experience the mystery of ancient Chechen towers, know the history of the ancestral home of the Vainakh, difficult to pass the exciting trails, enjoy developing modern city?
Tour Operator «Ant-Tur» This gives you a great chance!
Treat yourself to the possibility of an exciting journey, filled with unknown and beautiful!

Tour program:

1 Day
Itinerary «Сердце Чечни»


You will find a fascinating tour of the city of Grozny and Argun! История города, улиц и проспектов, архитектура, памятники, парки, места отдыха, удивительный колорит, гостеприимство и неповторимая кавказская кухня.
Кроме того, you will visit the most beautiful sight of the city— мечеть «Сердце Чечни», which is one of the largest mosques in Russia and Europe.


The tour includes such objects as:
— high-rise complex "Grozny City" with a visit to the business center of the observation helicopter pad on 33 floor;
— Church of St. Michael the Archangel;
— Monument employees MIA and memorial to the victims of deportation;
— Mosque "Heart of Chechnya";
— Stadium "Achmat Arena";
— memorial "Walk of Fame" and the museum named after Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov;
— National Museum of the Czech Republic;
— National Library, theater and concert hall of the Czech Republic;
— "A Mother's Heart" mosque.





2 Day
Itinerary «Sharoy»


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Shara Historic Area is in the upper reaches of the Sharo-Argun.
Sharoy reg is the southernmost, the most remote from the center and most high.
There are the ruins of the majestic stone buildings (in the villages Khimoy, Хакмадой, Shikaroй).

The tour includes:
— exit Sharoysky District;
— Nohch-Keloevskiй waterfall;
— Daйskiй waterfall;
 — excursion to a place of unique rock "dinosaur eggs";
— old town in Sharoe;
— visit the ancient village is gorgeous;
— Organization Picnic;
 — return to the city.



3 Day
Itinerary «Dead City and the ancient Nicaro»


In Chechnya, in the historic area Melhista, which means "Sun Country", is one of the largest cemeteries in the North Caucasus "Dead City" - Tsoi-Pede. Tsoi-Pede is translated as "The settlement of the deity". Archaeologists date the crypt complex Tsoi-Pede 5-17 century, but the exact date of foundation Tsoi-Pede unknown. According to the magazine "Forbs", Tsoi-Pede is included in the list of the seven most remote Russian attractions.
People come here who wish to get in touch with the history of the Chechen people, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Chechen mountains.
Nicaro - a historical region in the south of the mountainous Chechnya. It was, apparently, one of the oldest settlements, cult center and original capital teip t1erlo. This may indicate the ruins of cyclopean buildings, the oldest of which date back to the II-I millennium BC.
The mountains here are mysterious and beautiful. Buildings tower complexes are centuries-old history.

The tour includes:
- Exit Itumkalinsky district (в 8:00);
— Seen Nihaloyskogo waterfall and a suspended iron bridge over a 100-meter gorge;
— on the road from Nihaloya in Itum-Kale visit the famous guard Ushkaloyskih twin towers;
— visit the medieval castle "Phakoch" and Local History Museum named Hussein Isayev;
— tour in «Dead city»;
— Stop at the village of Guimard;
— stop at the ancient castle complex Nicaro;
— horse ride;
— picnic;
— return to the city.

4 Day
Itinerary «the ancestral home of the Chechens»

Galanchozh area is one of the oldest historical districts of the Chechen, where according to legend came indigenous tapes, later formed the single Chechen people.
On the territory of the district are Galanchozh monuments of the early and late Middle Ages, of historical and spiritual value for the Chechen people.

The tour includes:
 — exit Galanchozh area ( в 8:00);
- Stop at the "Stone troops" (This place is known for a variety of human-like figure rocky ledges);
- Stop at the ancient village Nashkh;
- Old village Motsar;
- Stop at oz.Galanchozh. The lake is located in the upper reaches of the small river at the height of Geghi 1533 m above sea level;
— picnic;
— return to the city.


5 Day
Itinerary «Chechnya Pearl»

Highland Lake Kezenoi Am - the largest lake in Northern Kavkaza.Kotlovina lake has steep slopes and flat bottom. The depth of the lake reaches a minimum 74 метров, however there are depressions, exact depth of which is not yet fixed to.
Lakeside Park is a landscape of incomparable beauty, in a frame of greenery and alpine mountain grandeur.
Surprisingly healthy lake climate posobstvuet comfortable rest.
Rest on the lake is recommended for those, who want complete peace of mind, solitude with nature, and absolute relaxation.

The tour includes:
- leaving (в 9:00) on oz.Kezenoy Am, Vedeno.
— On the way stop in the village near the monument Kharachoy Zelemhana Harachoevkogo and spring "Maiden Spit";

- An exciting road along the gorge along the bed of the river Khulkhulau, Pass through the Andean mountain range
- Arrival and vacation on the azure lake Kezenoi Am;
- Possible fishing organization, kebabs, kayaking and quad biking for an additional fee on the spot;
- Travel to Grozny.


Cost of the tour: от 33 thousand Roubles.

The price includes:

  • accommodation (hotels 3-4 *)
  • food (завтраки, meals, dinners and picnics)
  • guide-driver;
  • транспорт;
  • museum tickets;
  • horse ride.

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